How To Create A Sales Funnel

The way business is done online these days, it is essential to have a healthy sales funnel. I make a lot of money through sales funnel every week, and I can help you create your own online sales funnel to help with your business.
A sales funnel can be used in any business, for any product, in any niche. So, let’s get into it.

How Sales Funnels Help Your Business

A sales funnel is a marketing campaign. In your sales funnels you need to have many steps. Each step needs to be designed to offer value in some sort of way that will guide your customers to the next step.

Obviously, the main goal of having a sales funnel, is to make sales. You can also use them to give away free information or products in exchange for your customers contact information.
Funnels guide a buyer through a series of steps which you have controlled to present information and an offer to your clients at a precise time in the sales funnel.

For example, if you order a take-out meal, most food stores will take you through a series of steps offering you extra cheese, or upgrade to large etc. This may not seem that extensive, but they make a lot of their buyers purchase bigger through these mini sales steps.

A well built and healthy sales funnel will make you more money in your business.

Creating Your First Sales Funnel

There are many sales funnel building programs. My personal choice and suggestion is Clickfunnels.
Clickfunnels is one of the original sales funnel building platforms, and by far the best. It was built by Russell Brunson and designed specifically to create amazing online marketing funnels. If you are already aware of Clickfunnels and would prefer to use another program, check out my article ‘8 Best Clickfunnels Alternatives’. But, for the rest of this article, we will be using Clickfunnels as a demonstration.

To follow along, I suggest starting your Free 14 Day Clickfunnels Trial before going further.

1.Navigate to your Clickfunnels Login Page, and click the ‘Build Funnel’ button.How To Create A Sales Funnel

Alternatively, you can create a new funnel by clicking on Clickfunnels and on the bottom of the dropdown menu click Build FunnelHow To Create A Sales Funnel

2.A small pop up screen will open, and you will choose between the following options.

  • The Classic Funnel Builder
  • The Funnel Cookbook

3. The classic funnel builder will pop up on the funnel cookbook menu. Close the pop-up to access the funnel cookbook.

Important Note: The Funnel Builder is not the same as the Funnel cookbook. The Funnel Builder prompts users to select a goal for their funnel, and a type and also a template for the funnel steps.
The Funnel cookbook has more advanced options to personalize and build your funnel to your sales and marketing needs and helps target correctly to your customers.

Also, the Funnel Cookbook allows you to select the type of funnel, industry the funnel will be in and the goal of your funnel and prompts you to choose form a list of templates and narrowed down funnels.

Step 1. The Classic Funnel Builder

1. Once you have navigated to the ‘Build Funnel’ option, choose which type of funnel you want to create:

  • Collect Emails
  • Sell Your Product
  • Host A Webinar

    How To Create A Sales Funnel
    How To Create A Sales Funnel

We will choose the ‘Sell Your Product’ for this article.

2. Choose your funnel type. Enter the name of your new funnel and select a group tag.

What is a group tag?
A group tag is a way to organize your funnel dashboard. You can use them to segment Follow-up funnels, email lists, Broadcasts and funnels on your dashboard.How To Create A Sales Funnel

3. Select a group tag, put in ‘Test Funnel’, and all of the funnel steps will be included and named as shown in the funnel steps menu.
On the right side, a video should pop up which will explain the basic type of funnel you have chosen.

  • Click ‘Build Funnel’ to add the new funnel
  • Select a template/s to use on your funnel pages
  • Click Opt-In page from the funnel steps menu and choose your email landing page template
  • Click Thank you form the funnel steps menu and select a thank you page templateHow To Create A Sales Funnel

4. The funnel basics are ready. You can now customize it.
The Launch Checklist will give you additional options of customizing your funnel:

  • You can choose to add a custom domain from the ‘Register a Custom Web Address’ field and save it
  • Click ‘Add Email Integration’ to store your new leads. Either into Actionetics (Clickfunnels Email Marketing Software) or a third party program such as GetResponse or ActiveCampaign.
  • Click ‘Launch and share’ and you have a newly developed funnel.

Step 2: The Funnel Cookbook

The Funnel Cookbook has options that helps you narrow down your funnels very precisely. Select an industry for your funnel and the funnel templates will be filtered for you according to the type of industry you choose.How To Create A Sales Funnel

You can choose the following industries:

  • eCommerce
  • Network Marketing
  • Retail
  • Author, Coach, Consultant etc.
  • Professional services
  • Business-To-Business (B2B)
  • OtherHow To Create A Sales Funnel

1. Select the type of funnel you wish to build. Again, the types will be narrowed down due to the type of funnel you choose.

The sales funnels options you can choose are:

  • Create an event
  • Generate new Leads
  • Sell a Product
  • Other

2. Decide what your goal is for creating your funnel.  If your goal is to collect more leads choose this option and the funnels will be narrowed down even further for you.

3. Click ‘Select Funnel’ from your narrowed down list of funnels to pick from. choose the funnel which closest matches the needs of your business or goal.
This is an example of a ‘Homepage’ funnelHow To Create A Sales Funnel

4. When you select your funnel you can find a tutorial video explaining how to use this funnel along with explaining all the functionalities of that particular funnel. Also, you can click the ‘Funnel Map’ to view a map of the funnel.

5. If you scroll down, you will be able to see ready-made templates for your funnel. There are both free and paid options which you can choose and fully customize to your business.

6. Decide which template you want to use, click on it and choose ‘Get Funnel’How To Create A Sales Funnel

Step 3: Adding A Product Or Service To Your Funnel

Pay close attention in this next step. Here you will learn how to add products into your funnel and also set up a gateway payment integration to collect money from sales.

To be able to add a payment option to your funnel you will need:

  • An Order Form Page
  • Payment Gateway Integration option

1. Adding a new order form page

  • In your funnel, click + ‘Add New Step’. Enter the name of the funnel step as ‘order form’ and click ‘Create Funnel Step’
  • Drag the new page and drop it between the ‘Opt-in Page’ and the ‘Thankyou Page’. This ensures the customers are taken through the steps in the right order.
  • Select the right type of page for this particular step. Click ‘Sales’ and select ‘Order Form’ from the dropdown menu.
  • View the templates and choose a template for your order form page

2. Click on the order form page, select ‘Add Product’ from the menu and click on the ‘+ Add Product’ button.How To Create A Sales Funnel

3. Fill in the name of the product or service you are selling. Select your Payment Integration, such as PayPal. Fill in the details of your product and select the ‘One Time’ option. This sets up  for a one time payment. Now click ‘Create Product’.

Important Note: You need to have a Payment Integration’ set up if you are selling products through funnels. To set up a Payment integration, click on edit, this will open up your new products setting. In the payment options, click ‘Add Payment Integration’, select an option from the payment integrations supported in Clickfunnels.

What Is The difference Between A Sales Funnel And A Website?

Sales Funnels are basically mini websites designed for the sole purpose of leading people through a sales process, hopefully to make a sale. You can build funnels for many other reasons, such as lead generation, which won’t make sales through them.

Websites generally contain many distractions for the viewer. There will be links that take readers away from their original search, call to action buttons and so-on. Which are all great for websites, but it can be hard to make sales with so many distractions.

Sales funnels help guide customers to a really specific action, product or information. In doing this, you can eliminate any outside distractions and control exactly what the potential customers see’s on each page, or step, in your sales funnel.

Within each step of a Sales funnel is information or something else that entices the person to move to the next step of the funnel, one step closer to the final sale. There is a much higher chance of closing a sale or selling a subscription when you can control everything the person see’s form the second they enter your sales funnel, to the moment the offered product or service is presented to them.

Getting traffic to your offers is an essential part of a successful Sales funnel. Controlling that traffic is an essential part of closing sales.

How Do Sales Funnels Work?

Sales Funnels are built to automate a process, usually a marketing process. Funnels give you the control over your customers needed to settle them into a sale. You can do this by guiding your customers form one page to the next, presenting different offers or information on each page until they get to the final sales page.

You can successfully guide these customers into each page and create a positive mindset before moving them onto the next page, aka ‘pre-frame’.

The ‘pre-frame’ prepares customers on what is coming on the next page, and will help build the trust to warm them up into accepting your offer/s. When you are creating your funnel, you need to be able to peak a person’s curiosity. In doing this, they are much more likely to ant to continue to the next page, thus one step closer to making a purchase.

Creating Sales Funnels is not as daunting as it may seem. Clickfunnels is without a doubt the Best Funnel Builder you can use. Try them out today with your Free 14 day Trial Of Clickfunnels

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