GetResponse is an online platform. It's core service is an email marketing program, but it offers many campaign management tools also. These tools can absolutely maximize your Return On Investment and boost your online sales.
Our world is forever moving into more digital marketing as people are more accepting of digital forms of communication and payments such as social media, emails and PayPal.
If you are looking to boost your conversion rates, get more leads and more sales, you have come to the right place!
This article will blow your mind discovering facts about GetResponse that will help you grow your business and get more sales. Let's get into these 8 Amazing Stats In GetResponse!

1. Drag And Drop Editor

GetResponse Drag and Drop Editor

A very cool feature when working with GetResponse is the easy drag and drop editor. You don't need to use codes to set up a sales funnel. You choose a suitable template and use the drag and drop editor to add elements and design it to suit. You can easily work on any segment of your landing page with actions such as group, reshape, crop, resize, rescale etc. For example, adding media such as videos or images to your landing page requires a drag and drop action, which you can then crop or scale it to fit.

2. Use Landing Pages To Get Leads

GetResponse allows you to set up landing pages for you sales funnels, also without using any code. There are hundreds on templates to choose from. You can build opt-in, download or promo pages, all of these options can be any design imaginable. To create urgency with your customers, you can also add timers if you wish.

3. Mobile Access With GetResponse

GetResponse mobile app

GetResponse is very compatible with desktops and mobile phones, which is very important these days. You can create landing pages which are compatible with both devices simultaneously. You will be able to generate way more leads this way, and you can always use the GetResponse app to complete your funnel and email activities and check your progress as you go.

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4. Effective Target Advertising With GetResponse

GetResponse Targeted Advertising

Have you ever been scrolling social media and see an ad that has absolutely nothing to do with your life or interests? This occurs when people do not target their ads correctly. As a result of improper targeting, 146 million devices were recording blocking ads.
As time goes on, the number keeps growing. Don't let this be your ad. GetResponse lets you advertise to your unique audience. The program can also help you find a similar audience after you have added your target audience.

5. Social Media Integration

email and social media marketing integrations GetResponse

Connecting your social media accounts to your sales funnels is an excellent way to generate more sales. GetResponse supports Facebook, Instagram and Google ads. You can advertise your content over all 3 of these giant media platforms. You can create and pay for these ads in GetResponse

6. Effective Webinars

GetResponse has built in numerous helpful features into a webinar, to help you reach your goals. A really helpful feature, you can livestream to social media platforms such as YouTube and Facebook.
Other features of doing webinars on GetResponse:

- Upload and share documents and media during webinars
- Conduct polls during a webinar
- Webinar attendants dont need to make plugin installations
- You have interactive whiteboards to help you you explain your ideas
- You can share partial or full view of the screen to help make your ideas clear and informative
- You can boost your engagement with your audience by holding private chats in the chat platform

7. Web Forms Top Generate Leads

Web forms are usually sign up pages. They are very similar to landing pages. They help you collect leads such as emails and reach new customers. GetResponse has various types of web forms you can use including order forms, newsletter sign up, blank forms, feedback forms, online course sign up and more.
To save you heaps of time, the program also offers hundreds of templates to save you time designing the right form.

8. GetResponse Automation Marketing

GetResponse Automation

Marketing Automation is awesome. It helps you grow your business. How? It fulfils tasks for you, even while you aren't there.
To achieve automation, you will need to build workflows for your sales funnels and send traffic to your offers.
There are 3 rules of automation building

1. Conditions: you set an automation sequence based on behaviour of users
2. Actions: you will add steps in your sequence. These steps should fulfil depending on the conditions you set.
3. Filters: these are used to help target actions in your workflow sequence. Filters can be defined by range, amount and dynamics.

GetResponse is a well orientated platform designed to help grow your business in more ways than one. The features such as marketing automation, webinars and mobile access help you branch out to a much larger customer network.
It is am amazing platform with helpful tools integrated to distinguish customer needs, make more sales, receive payments, automate functions and generate leads.

To be able to build an email list and create landing pages easily with GetResponse's drag and drop editor, you should open a GetResponse Account on a Free 30 Day Trial.

2. Social Media Integration
Social Media is very important to business nowadays. GetResponse let's you integrate and connect your business' social media platforms to your sales funnels. Your customers can be prompted to leave a response on your media accounts which can help to generate more leads, social media is very powerful when used correctly.
GetResponse can support Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. You can easily share your content between these platforms and pay for them through GetResponse.

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